Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Day Five, Year Two

Well I'm trying to follow my new Isagenix system to a 'T'. But separating my food and eating habits from my life is difficult. It is amazing how much we celebrate food. Social gatherings, birthdays, holidays all center around food. Tons of BBQs, picnics and potlucks. I don't think I ever really get invited to do too much that doesn't center around food. Leads me to believe we need to invite people to play at the park, camp or hike more often. Focus on inviting people to active, healthy activities, instead of hotdogs and hamburgers.

Good news is, even with straying a few times, I've already lost 4lb... IN 5 DAYS! And I feel good, lighter, more energy. I haven't even felt like taking a nap in the afternoon. It's been stellar. Today I have an uber-busy day and I'm hoping to get in a light work out. But I'm also doing my first cleanse, we'll see how it goes.

Thanks Peeps and Good Luck!

Brandy Deming

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